The massage of the head in tantra erotic massage

The tantra and the erotic massage differentiate of other types of massages through certain elements, but they also offer lots of benefits just like the other ones, and sometimes even more. In the wide world of the massages, these types have their own place, well established, and this is one well in front. They gain predominance because of their very big complexity and we can say that the benefits of other types of massages are easy to find here, plus some others which are specific here.

The relaxation part of the massages which may constitute a whole massage by itself – and we speak then about the massage for relaxation – is an important part of a tantra massage in Bucharest (sensual and erotic massage). But it is not the most important one, we can judge it as a normal preparation for what is yet to come. As the body-to-body massage is maybe the most important issue here, the biggest impact of this massage and the great specific of it comes from here. In the tantra erotic salons in Bucharest which offers these types of massages, the accent put on the relaxation part is a must-do before the sensual part.

The massage for relaxation includes the massage of the head, also
As we have shown before, all the parts of the body have their moments of relaxation, and their succession is made in a specific order. The part with which the massage starts is the back of the guest, while he is lying on the stomach. The back is one part of the body which requires lot of attention, as there is a big majority of muscles. As the session of erotic massage goes on, new energies are gradually awaken and there appear new requirements, besides the one of relaxation. There comes the sensuality part which gains more and more terrain and there comes the parts of the body on which we insist in order to realize the sublimation of the energies.

The head is massaged at the end of the tantra session and it is a segment of the body with big importance in the sublimation of the energies. The sublimation is realized not only at the end of the massage, but during the entire session, as well. But in the end, there is a bigger need for the sublimation, as the massage reaches its end and the feelings and sensations that must prevail in the guest’s being must be sublimated.

The importance of the massage of the head in tantra and erotic massage
Another reason of the massage of the head is that in this area there are lots of nervous terminations, which means a lot of sensitivity in the area, just the perfect place to make massage.

The massage here starts with maneuvers on the back of the head, climbing gradually from the neck, slowly turning aside the neck to one part and then to the other to give more freedom to the moves. On the face, the massage rends account about the important spots well-known in the acupuncture and other medical systems based on the energies and on important points over the surface of the body with great impact for the whole. The more important are the points under the eyes and the points at the middle of the forehead. But the entire face is to be slowly and carefully massaged and touched, as there are plenty of spots which give comfort and release.