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Bucharest Entertainment Map & Events

You can use this map to:

– street search or hotel search
– map area selection  (ex:Floreasca, Aviatiei, Unirii)
– multiple selection areas, streets, others
– displaying in the active area of the map of specific items (ex: hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs)
– combined search a street and a group of interest (ex: hospital, hotel etc)

More information about the guide and map, you can find below:

This is all about Bucharest Hotels, online reservation, infos regarding all Bucharest hotels, in Romanian and English language.
Also, you can check a complete list of Bucharest restaurants, organized by culinary type and ratings.

This online map was designed for, an online touristic guide. You can find a lot of interesting addresses, from hotels to erotic massage parlors and nightclubs.

Bucharest online map

The map is actually a map of only one city, namely Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The map was first created for, a travel guide of Bucharest. Inside this travel guide you can find several travel objectives, hotels, museums and other stuff like that.

You can find all these objectives on this map.

Features of the Bucharest map:

* 3 zoom levels, of which only the last 2 will show you the objectives
* search objectives by name, type, street, zone
* see a zone on the map
* search for a street
* show only one type of objective (ie: hotels, restaurants, massage in Bucharest etc.)
* details of each objective pop up on click


Harta online Bucuresti a fost creata initial pentru, un ghid al Bucurestiului in care puteti gasi mai multe obiective turistice sau de alta natura: hoteluri, muzee, restaurante, baruri si altele. De asemenea le puteti vizualiza si pe aceasta harta a Bucurestiului.

Harta Metrou Bucuresti

Harta RATB
Harta Tramvaie,
Harta Troleibuze,
Harta Autobuze

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