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Every imaginable recreational activity can be done in Bucharest, from different sport activities to club life or chilling with your friends on the terrace of some of the nicest cafes. Bucharest was known as the little Paris in the period between the two World Wars. Naturally, some of its charm has remained intact and the municipality is reviving the city’s former glory.

The old city center is now bustling with pubs, cafes and restaurants where thousands of people flock each day to escape the busy everyday office life.
If shopping is your entertainment, you will be happy to find out that Bucharest is the capital city with the biggest number of shopping malls in Eastern Europe. Large complexes with hundreds of shops, cafes, restaurants and cinemas await residents and tourists alike.

People of Bucharest are very fond of music and so that has a great musical halls, concert centers and attractive nightlife. They never miss a single chance of entertainment. Bucharest is home to a number of bars that specialize in beer, beautiful ladies entertain their clients in clubs.
Bucharest has it all, from casinos to adult erotic entertainment (strip clubs, erotic massage parlors and beautiful escort girls). Walking along the street, you might think this city is the sex capital of Europe. At night, Bucharest turns into to booty fest!
With more brothels, erotic massage parlors and sex shops per square inch than most places in Eastern Europe, no wonder it’s called ‘Sin City’.

If you’re hot, you’ll need to ‘dress to impress’ to get into the hottest nightclubs in town: Fratelli, Bellagio, Player, Studio Martin, Kristal Glam Club and the ultra ultra chic Club Bamboo where only the best looking and the best dressed people stand any chance of getting in. Prices are very high.

Restaurants in Bucharest are famous to fulfill your expectations, offering you special Romanian dishes, national and international cuisine and refined drinks within good taste and affordable prices. Let’s take a short look on some famous restaurant to find out the taste and choice of Bucharest’s restaurants. Some restaurants are:

Now Bucharest boasts something for everyone. If you’re looking for a ‘happy ending,’ no need to go to Thailand. Go to Stars Night Club.



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The Bucharest Village Museum

The Village Museum is, maybe, one of the main attractions of nowadays Bucharest, even if the thought of an almost entire village being situated in the middle of the capital of Romania is kind of ironical. In a crowded city as Bucharest, with plenty of luxury hotels and restaurants, the Village museum hosts a large collection of old Romanian houses dated back from the 18th century. Here, you can find houses not only from various periods of time, but also from various regions of Romania, the most famous houses and wooden churches being the ones from Maramures, well known for their exceptional wood sculptures. The Village Museum is not only a museum but a village itself, having everything a real village needs like market places, roads, trees, plants, except people that actually live in the houses.

village-museumTo make a total of it, in the Village Museum you can find almost 350 houses and monuments, which make the object of a permanent exhibition. In addition to the old houses and monuments, here you can view old tools that made life possible for the Romanian peasantry back in the days. Sometimes, you can also witness exhibitions with sale of crafts and old arts. Therefore, if you find yourself in the Village Museum in such a period of time, you can go back home with a souvenir that will always remind of you of this unique place in the world.

The Village Museum started to exist in 1936 and nowadays it bears the name of one of it’s most important founders, Dimitrie Gusti and has been located ever since in District #1 of Bucharest, in the Carol the 2nd Park, near the Baneasa lake. To enter the museum, you must pay a small tax.


Why go to the Village Museum while staying in Bucharest? Because it’s considered unique in the whole Europe and it takes you in a world in which you never been. A walk alongside the old houses that once were actually lived works exactly like a time machine, allowing you to imagine how the villages looked like back in the days when we had no smartphones. The simple life presented to you like an alternative, like a way of life, like Heaven, if you please. Even if you reside in a luxury hotel in Bucharest, a few hour change is never a bad thing, but a breath of fresh air given to you in a moment of need, when you feel tired of all the city racket and fast technology.

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Bucharest Map

You can use this map to:

– street search or hotel search  —->
– map area selection  (ex:Floreasca, Aviatiei, Unirii)
– multiple selection areas, streets, others
– displaying in the active area of the map of specific items (ex: hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs)
– combined search a street and a group of interes (ex: hospital, hotel etc)

More information about the guide and map, you can find HERE

This is all about Bucharest Hotels, online reservation, infos regarding all Bucharest hotels, in Romanian and English language.
Also, you can check a complete list of Bucharest restaurants (restaurante Bucuresti), organized by culinary type.

Harta online Bucuresti a fost creata initial pentru Bucharest-guide.ro, un ghid al Bucurestiului in care puteti gasi mai multe obiective turistice sau de alta natura: hoteluri, muzee, restaurante, baruri si altele. De asemenea le puteti vizualiza si pe aceasta harta a Bucurestiului.
Harta Metrou Bucuresti

Harta RATB
Harta Tramvaie,
Harta Troleibuze,
Harta Autobuze

Ce face harta:

* zoom prin folosirea mouse wheel sau cu ajutorul butoanelor, in care se afiseaza si obiectivele
* cautare de obiectiv dupa nume, strada sau zona
* afisare zona pe harta
* cautarea unei strazi pe harta
* afisarea unui singur tip de obiectiv (ex: numai restaurante, hoteluri etc)
* afisarea detaliilor unui obiectiv printr-un click ce deschide un pop-up

Bucharest online map

The map is actually a map of only one city, namely Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The map was first created for Bucharest-Guide.ro, a travel guide of Bucharest. Inside this travel guide you can find several travel objectives, hotels, museums and other stuff like that.

You can find all these objectives on this map.

Features of the Bucharest map:

* 3 zoom levels, of which only the last 2 will show you the objectives
* search objectives by name, type, street, zone
* see a zone on the map
* search for a street
* show only one type of objective (ie: hotels, restaurants, etc.)
* details of each objective pop up on click

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